Medicina y rehabilitación físicas pediátricas

Medicina y rehabilitación físicas pediátricas

Our highly trained experts use the latest technology and techniques to help remove barriers to independent, comfortable daily living for your child. Our individualized care programs will help your child move, talk, think and manage pain.

The combination of our clinical expertise and top-of-the-line equipment makes Children's Health℠ a national leader in pediatric rehabilitative medicine. Our seasoned physicians, therapists, neuropsychologists, nurses and technicians can diagnose and treat nearly every health concern children face, from mild developmental delays to complex genetic disorders.

Each year, we treat thousands of children from infants to young adults. Our patients come to us with wide-ranging health needs, which positions us to help every child improve their everyday movement, speech and language, comfort and independence.

Nuestros programas

  • Drooling clinic
  • Procedure clinic (includes phenol, Botox, and ibp pump management)
  • Acquired brain injury clinic
  • Bracheophlexopothy clinic
  • Back pain clinic
  • Demyelination/conquer clinic
  • Another bracheophlexopothy clinic
  • Transitional spina bifida clinic
  • Md clinic
  • Vent management clinic

Tratamientos y servicios

  • Acuaterapia
  • Evaluaciones de comunicación aumentativa
  • Tratamiento para conmociones
  • Clínica de equipos médicos duraderos
  • Estudio de disfagia (ingesta de bario modificado)
  • Terapia de alimentación
  • Marcha y movilidad
  • Terapia para manos
  • Terapia de caligrafía
  • Metrónomo interactivo.
  • Lenguaje y articulación
  • Estimulación eléctrica neuromuscular
  • Clínica de seguimiento de UCIN (Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales)
  • Consultas nutricionales
  • Ortopedia
  • Evaluaciones de alimentación ambulatorias
  • Apoyo y educación para los padres
  • Integración sensorial
  • Servicios de habla bilingües disponibles
  • Programa de escucha terapéutica.
  • Evaluaciones de habilidades transicionales
  • Tratamiento para tortícolis

A highly trained team

Our team of pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation providers is one of the most highly trained in the country. About 300 board-certified pediatric physiatrists (doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine) practice in the United States, and most health care systems that offer pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation have one or two physiatrists on staff. Children’s Health is home to five, which is more than any other pediatric rehabilitation program in the nation.

Physiatrists at Children’s Health specialize in creating customized rehabilitative programs for children that combine physical, speech-language and occupational therapies. Our expert therapists in these specialties work with each child to guide them through their programs.

Vast and varied experience

The children we treat come to us from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds and have widely varying health needs. Our large, dynamic caseload has made us national leaders in treating the spectrum of conditions children face – from the mild and common to the unique, complex and rare.

Whatever condition or symptoms your child is experiencing, it is likely that we have seen and successfully treated it before.

Care tailored to your child’s needs

Your child’s individual health needs are the top priority in our care decision-making process. Our team will design your child’s treatment plan with their individual goals, health, development and interests in mind.

Our goal is to create a care plan that is sustainable for your child. Whatever your family’s specific needs, we will build a care plan that fits into your daily life. We also ensure that your family feels comfortable helping your child continue to heal after they complete their care program with us.

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