Pediatric Epididymal Cyst (Spermatocele)

A epididymal cyst – also known as spermatocele – is a cyst on the scrotum on top of the testicle.


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What is a Pediatric Epididymal Cyst (Spermatocele)?

A spermatocele (epididymal cyst) is a fluid-filled cyst that develops in the long, tightly coiled tube that is located above and behind each testicle (epididymis). The fluid in the cyst may contain dead sperm. A spermatocele feels like a smooth, firm lump in the scrotum on top of the testicle. Having an epididymal cyst does not affect fertility.

What are the signs and symptoms of a Pediatric Epididymal Cyst (Spermatocele)?

In many cases, the cyst causes no symptoms or pain. When they do occur, signs and symptoms of an epididymal cyst include:

  • Feeling of pressure at the base of the penis
  • General enlargement of the scrotum
  • Lump or mass above the testicle on one side of the scrotum
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling

What is the cause of a Pediatric Epididymal Cyst (Spermatocele)?

There is no confirmed cause.

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