Pediatric Abscess

What is a Pediatric Abscess?

Abscess occur when an area of tissue becomes infected and the body's immune system tries to fight it. White blood cells move through the walls of the blood vessels into the area of the infection and collect in the damaged tissue. During this process, pus forms. Pus is the buildup of fluid, living and dead white blood cells, dead tissue, and bacteria or other foreign substances.

How is a Pediatric Abscess treated?

Treatment usually consists of antibiotics and, often, surgical drainage of the abscess.


Most children will completely recover from superficial infections, such as cellulitis or abscess after proper treatment. In most cases, children have no further problems and return to all of their activities. Unfortunately, superficial skin and soft tissue infections may be recurrent and may commonly spread within households or locker rooms.


Good hygiene is the most helpful form of prevention.


In general, children do better when the infection is recognized early. There is a greater chance for full recovery when the infection is quickly recognized and treated.

Pediatric Abscess Doctors and Providers

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